29 - 30
hosted by Kayzr
The arena
Kayzr League
Overwatch invitational
This year we will be broadcasting games on our mainstage played by the best players representing the Benelux. Overwatch is one of these games. Besides a popular shooter in the esports scene, Overwatch is an inspiration for a lot of cosplayers. Enjoy and experience a rush of adrenaline filled with colour, great animations and a huge dose of tension. Make sure to pay us a visit and don’t miss out on the finals.
Enjoy Overwatch competition at the highest level.
Overwatch Overwatch
Pablo Discobar, you and a whole lot of Fortnite fun!
No, we’re not inviting cruel drug lords on our mainstage. But who can say no against a session of Fortnite? (A session you can join with your friends!) Play the game in front of a live audience together with the great Fortniter ‘itspablodiscobar’. He will use his skills to guide you and your friends towards a (first?) victory royale. Experience the feeling that every gamer tried to achieve during the last couple of months while getting motivated by an audience who loves gaming. Join the Discobar team and enjoy!
Come and play Fortnite with Pablo!
Fortnite Fortnite
Face the ultimate Street Fighter challenge!
This year you will have the chance to compete with the amazing 'Blind Warrior Sven'. Play in front of a live audience against this skilled player, try to defeat him and win! Sven might be blind, but he's got some moves you won't see coming.
Face the challenge!
Streetfighter Streetfighter
League of Legends: The best of the best
Some pro esports teams will be playing League of Legends: ARAM show matches at our mainstage. Are you a League of Legends enthusiast? We will be providing gameplay on the highest level. If you don’t know the game yet, it’s the perfect chance to discover what all the fuzz is about. This awesome game will be represented in the best way possible! Sunday is LoL-day.
ARAM all the way!
Aramapalooza Aramapalooza
Saturday september 29
10:00 - 13:00
Overwatch Invitational Semi-Finals
13:00 - 16:00
Fortnite rampage
16:00 - 17:30
Street Fighter V
17:30 - 19:00
Overwatch Invitational Finals
Sunday september 30
10:00 - 12:30
Overwatch Invitational Semi-Finals
12:30 - 14:30
Fortnite rampage
14:30 - 15:30
League of Legends Show match
15:30 - 17:00
Overwatch Invitational Finals
FACTS tickets
Why don't you play?
Come over to the Alternate booth and enjoy the Kayzr experience first-hand by gaming yourself. We provide two great games and a smooth set-up thanks to our partner Alternate. Escape the crowdedness on FACTS for a while and enjoy a nice gaming experience. Alone or with friends? Everyone can join.
Alternate Alternate
Fortnite Battle Royale
Come and enjoy a game of Fortnite with your friends in our Alternate Booth. Never had the chance to play the game? Now is your moment. We will provide you with the basics so you can enjoy the experience. Come check us out, alone or with friends and claim your place behind the computer. Face the challenge and try to outlive all your opponents. Getting a victory royal on FACTS? Check!
Alternate Alternate
League of legends
Come over and play the legendary MOBA-game with your friends in our Alternate Booth. First come, first served. You don’t have a full team? No problem, wait in queue and get to know new people during a nice game of League: ARAM!
powered by Outpost
Mobile Corner
Thanks to Outpost & Kayzr you’ll be able to relax in a nice zone at FACTS while playing mobile games or the partygame That’s you. Discover below what you can do while doing absolutely nothing.
That's you!
How well do you know your friends? Come over to our mobile corner and put your insight into human character to the test with the playlink game That’s you. Your smartphone and the app is the only thing you need to enjoy 20 minutes of social gaming. Come over and relax with your friends in a fun and engaging way in our mobile corner.
Mobile Corner Mobile Corner
Challenge each other!
Play a game of Realm Royale? Or play the great mobile game Hearthstone? Socialize with the FACTS community and play some mobile games together while relaxing in our mobile corner. Feel free to play whatever game you like and indulge yourself in some (healthy) competition.
Mobile Corner Mobile Corner
Charge your phone
Come over and recharge your batteries in our Outpost mobile corner. There will be charging points for your smartphone as well. You will be able to use Facebook, capture nice memories on camera and check our awesome website for live updates. Come over and recharge!
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